O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth, and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partnerContinue reading

When my day turns into night, that’s when all the lines between right and wrong that I was able to see so clearly completely disappear and I’m left innocently crossing every marked moral line in my desperately human attempt forward to my unknown future.

For me the line between a little boy and a grown man is clear… just knowing the path and talking about it all the time vs actually walking on it diligently without having to say a word about it… Not one word! PR

Pack’s definition of madness… constantly being called crazy by crazy people, Blind by blind people, and deaf by people who can’t hear a word of reason… so what if I talk to myself in the mirror for an hour and hold deep intellectual conversations or laugh at the falling rain or nod my head inContinue reading


For me the one act of an imperfect person doing an act of almost absolute perfection is when he bows down before the one who alone is all perfect and says, “Oh, u who are completely Perfect… perfect for me that which will complete my imperfections before u, for I am imperfect!”… PR 50/50


To me, beauty isn’t captured in a picture with a stiff model’s painfully almost perfect but pretentious pose… its in the imperfect perfection of an awkward but lovingly sincere smile caught unaware, while ur face’s muscles are freely following ur heart and not ur narcissistic ego… click! Pack Redfeather


To the beast within…. I see ur poisonous and treacherous soul every time I stare at my own face and eyes in this dirty mirror of false immortality that hangs before me in this dark and lonely room…so listen up, because I’ve never been more serious in all my torture-filled life… I declare war onContinue reading “War!…”

Rain cloud…

As I stand here thinking of a rope again… well, possibly; I see what no one else does… I feel it too… rain! Coming down upon my weary minded bald head from an imaginary grey cloud above me that I myself conjured there. “Why pretend to care when I don’t?” I ask myself. “Fk!… IContinue reading “Rain cloud…”

The pit

When ur standing next to the pit… and ur looking straight down into its belly; the reality of what it is and what it will mean for u…all the words ever spoken to u as to why u should just forget this pit and why it was even made, mean absolutely nothing. Once a sonContinue reading “The pit”


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