The Indian woman… all throughout my life I’ve seen u… grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends… and yes yes baby mommas lol smh… anyways… I’ve seen ur faces…both extremely beautiful, soft, and natural… and also coarse, life-hardened, and bitterly homely… I’ve given my heart to a few of the wild-hearted native daughters of the cities, plains, and forests and had them run off with it to town as I sat drunkenly on my bed trying to remember wth had happened to my wallet and my manhood. I’ve also known many a native poetess, with minds as creative and colorful as a group of kids in a kindergarten room with a box of crayons and no adult to supervise them. Beautiful women… not just physically but spiritually too… deeply sad women they often were… broken women coming from broken pasts… My mother is one of these woman… how bold of will and strong of spirit she must have been to get through the hell of her own past when she tells me the tales… Indian women… i fall for u everyday, but away I still stay, because I’ve yet to be given the salve to calm the burning of ur wounded hearts… I smiled when out of anger u called me damned makadewiyas, or my old Sioux lovers calling me stupid hasapa lol so hurtful u can be… but after turning ur face and storming away u expected this ole’ muckniige’ to follow and beg u back hahaha yeah my beautiful Indian woman… today, followers of many paths and diverse faiths, but still dancers of a drum beat older than recorded time… yes… Indian women…resilience is ur nature and survival is ur warming shawl, aho! I see u… keep dancing!

Published by Pack Redfeather

I am a walking contradiction of traditions some say. An African American and Native American Muslim poet with a personal life history as violently turbulent as a Storm. A visionary from the bottom of life’s social barrel striving to share the hope found in the light of faith through sometimes dark but real poetry. I’m a former member of the Bloods street gang, former serial bank robber, and both federal/state prison convict. I live on my mother’s tribal reservation of the Leech Lake band of Ojibwe in Minnesota.

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